Track projects, tasks, leads and even employees at all times


For any business person governing the clock tends to be a key factor. This means staying on top of things, projects, tasks, leads and even employees at all times.

With Kosmo you can keep perfect track of every minute and also every hour spent on each task.

This in turn helps you improve your time management skills while also ensuring that you generate accurate invoices for your clients.

Incorporating Kosmo into your daily business life will come along with other benefits including:


  • Set up goals and track achievements.
  • Helping you set accurate time estimates for your different projects and tasks.
  • It will allow you to switch from one task to another without messing around since the time estimates have already been set.
  • It will save you the hustle of using different platforms on matters invoices since you will be able to export your goals tracking.
  • Tracking from a handful of KPI’s for performance management timesheets for invoicing.

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