Franchise Management Platform

We’ve created a bespoke system for franchisors to manage their franchises.

Access from one screen all sales and royalty figures sent from your entire franchisees. Broadcast push notifications straight to all the franchisees for those important reminders and notices whenever you need.

Using our fully customizable dashboard, franchisees can view important figures through a wide range of widgets. View monthly sales targets, current sales, top-performing sales staff, leads, aging invoice, task overview and much more in one click.

Say good-bye to missing production deadlines, our all new production management modules tracks every project and task from the moment a lead is generated right to the completion of a job.

Create quotes, orders, invoices, purchase orders, credit notes and everything else you need to manage your franchisee. Franchisees can also grant their special customers access to a customer portal where they can view their quotes, orders and invoices online using their own credentials.

We have a wide range of reports that you can run inorder to know exactly how your business is performing.

Kosmo also takes care of your employee relations, book leave and share all HR documents with employees as you need.

The Franchise management system operates in South Africa, New Zealand and France. Every country operates a different version to suit their needs.

Dashboard Business Overview at a Glance

Leads Management

Customer and Contact Management

Sales and Customer Relations Management

Expenses Control

Purchase Order Management

Production Control

Supplier and Order Management

Sales Goal Performance and Measurement

Financial Sales Customer Measurement

Financial Sales Customer Reporting

Intranet Integration with External Resources


Streamline your business’ performance, get the most out of our platform with these features:

Intuitive powerful Admin

Free up company resources by using our franchise management platform to manage tasks and activities that are aligned to your business objectives. 


Our user-centric interface is neat and offers information that is easy to understand and interactive. 


Effortless connection between clients & staff

With ergonomics at the centre of Kosmos, our platform makes staff tasks easier and faster which ultimately results in happier clients. 

Integration with External Resources

The platform allows for

  • Diverse custom integrations 
  • Google drive
  • Internal intranets
  • Custom forums
Unified management and project management in one place

All-in-one business management software offering you the ability to manage both your customers and projects.

Franchise Management System