unified business management suite suitable for large, medium-sized and small fast growing ventures


Kosmo is a unified business management suite suitable for large, medium-sized and small fast growing ventures. This powerful business management software has been developed with the suave business owner or manager in mind especially through blending quality business features which will help you take care of and streamline all your businesses processes.

With Kosmo developers having that passion of coming up with a platform that will help other businesses succeed this business management tool fits the description of a one-stop solution business management software professionally created to help bring all your business tasks whether being customer management or task management in one centralized place. With this platform, the various stakeholder within your business can manage work more efficiently while also ensuring some quality organization within every aspect of your business.

Our fit all business management solution which comes with a powerful user-intuitive platform Kosmo aids business owners, managers and staff within a business entity improve on the overall performance of the business. This is achieved through various means including enhancing time and project management, improving reporting and invoicing thus creating highly satisfied and confident staff and customers.

This tool has also the ability to organize and carry out all business workflows and the various business needs in one place.

Not only is this tool precise in matters managing your venture affairs but is also a powerful tool to competently keep track of everything. Allowing you a smooth analysis and cooperation of your venture’s affairs while enabling you to stay in the loop by managing your business on the go.



Comprehensive and detailed dashboard

The platform’s dashboard helps in providing the user with some comprehensive visibility across the organization. Furthermore, it helps in providing on-demand access to some of the most important metrics of your organization by providing you with a drop-down menu giving you the ability to analyze business at certain periods including the current month, last month or even the last 12 months This, therefore, means that you can see a detailed overview of your venture in one quick glance thus facilitating quick and informed decision making.

The platform also offers you a glance of current work in progress, numeric value and Rand value thus helping you identify the various jobs at hand.