production control management

Production control is an essential ingredient for the success of any operation unit which ensures that the required production target is achieved through optimum utilization of resources, competent quality management and also through cost savings. Our platform achieves this through:

• Ensuring competent management of invoice projects with the use of the powerful project management feature.

• Incorporating ease in the tracking of expenses and time spent on the various tasks and projects.

• Comes with the ability to assign multiple staff members on various tasks while giving the admin the ability to track time logged in by the various assigned staff members.

• Offers a quick glimpse in relation to what stage a project is and what is in the ‘Work in Progress’ (WIP)stage.

• Through the pre-defined tasks set per product for the manufacturer allows you the user to set your tasks for the production phase thus giving you the ability to measure progress and also measure the time spent in certain departments of the production team.

• Finally, the platform allows you to incorporate your own artwork into the job or task which has been uploaded thus facilitating easier reference for future repeat work.


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